Auto PedalBox




The PedalBox was designed and developed to prevent vehicle theft. Advanced thieves are replacing vehicles ECU’s with their own, enabling them to open and drive away the vehicle using a totally different set of keys. ON some vehicles the ECU can be accessed from behind the wheel arch making this type of theft amazingly easy. Uniquely designed, the Auto PedalBox encompasses the pedals, preventing potential thieves from driving away with your vehicle.

Constructed from high grade steel and then finished with a high visibility yellow durable powder coat, the PedalBox can easily be seen from outside the vehicle; even in low light. The incorporated lock means there are no parts to go missing and ensures the best level of security with its Thatcham Accreditation. Now available for automatic vehicles. 


Key Features:


  • Thatcham Quality Assured  


  • Highly visible durable Powdercoat - Great Visual Deterrent


  • Solid Steel Construction 


  • Incorporated High Securtiy Lock 


  • Low Maintenance 


  • Storage Compartment - able to securely store valubles, phone, satnav, wallet, etc, whilst away from your vehicle




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