Ignition Guard

Ignition Guard for Mercedes Sprinter



A bespoke high security Ignition that prevents the ignition barrel from being forcefully removed. Our high security Ignition Guard surrounds the vulnerable Ignition barrel, and is secured using high security fixings.

Thieves are removing the front quarter light window glass opening the door via the internal door handle, removing the electronic ignition and connecting it to a laptop to extract the last electronic pin code hence compromising/overriding the vehicle security/immobilisation system.

Our device secures the ignition barrel with high security anti tamper fixings, preventing this type of attack.

Typical installation takes approximately 60 minutes and does not require any specialist tools to install.


Key Features:

  • Supplied with anti-tamper fixings


  • Low maintenance


  • Easy installation – no specialist tools required


  • Prevents your vehicle from being stolen via the ignition module


  • Bright deterrent colour 


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