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OBD Immobiliser

This passively armed, OBD Port electronic immobiliser disarms both Can-bus feeds to the OBD port upon turning off the ignition.

The OBD Port is re-activated by passing a uniquely coded transponder, in the form of a card, across a hidden receptor that only the vehicle owner knows where it is located. This means the OBD Port cannot be used to overcome the vehicle immobiliser and / or clone blank keys or be used to start keyless entry vehicles.

The transponder code can be registered via Secure My Code if desired


Key features:

  • Supplied with one credit card and one tag type transponder
  • Stops key cloning and the use of electronic bypass devices
  • Close range transponder allowing the reader to be installed covertly behind a plastic interior trim
  • Utilises a Thatcham Approved Category 2 Immobiliser
  • Resin bonded small ECU with all black security wiring, flashing LED, pin code override
  • Isolates OBD Port/ECU communication
  • For fleet operators, override codes can be registered with ‘Secure My Code’ system


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