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Picture of Various RepHandles



The RepHandle is a specially designed, door specific, 5mm Stainless Steel Handle that when paired with equally strong backing plates removes the vulnerability of the handle being ripped out to gain access to the load area of your vehicle.

Criminals these days are getting more and more brutal with the way they are attempting to steal vehicles; commonly by ripping out the otherwise vulnerable door handles to gain access to the door locking mechanism. If your handle has been broken to gain access to your vehicle then instead of buying a new handle from a dealer you can buy one of our replacement handles, this is a much cheaper alternative than buying a new handle, as well as this the replacement OE handle will be just as weak and an easy target.


Please note this product works in conjunction with SlamLocks. View our SlamLocks products here >


Key Features:

  • Direct Replacement for weak OE handle


  • Easy Installation


  • Solid Stainless Steel Construction 


  • Great Visual Deterrent


  • Handles are profiled to fit and are Door Specific



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