SlamHandle / SlamPlate

Picture of Various SlamPlates



There is a growing problem with van handles being removed easily due to the way they are fixed; through plastic clips and un-secure fittings. Whilst other products offer limited protection, the SlamPlate is the only product which provides full protection against this break-in method. It is the secure alternative to the often vulnerable existing manufacturers handle - generally requiring no additional drilling or fixing points for installation.

The SlamPlate provides increased integrity and strength of the OEM locking system and incorporates our SlamLock. It will automatically lock when the vehicle door closes and cannot be reopened unless the correct high-security key is used, ensuring the door is always locked and dramatically reducing the chance of theft.


Key Features:

  • Replaces Weak Door Handle with Ultra High Security Lock


  • Automatic Locking — Ideal for Couriers


  • Direct Release Allows Opening Single Handed


  • Anti-Drill, Anti-Pick, High Security & Low Maintenance Cylinders can be supplied keyed alike


  • Removes Vulnerability of Handle being Removed to Gain Access


  • Now available in Black and Silver


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