Introducing Hooklock 2.0: Smaller, sleeker, stronger
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Introducing Hooklock 2.0: Smaller, sleeker, stronger

22nd April 2022
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Hooklock 2.0 gives you all the features of our much-loved lock, but with added benefits that take it straight to the top of the class.

The Background

Some moulds don’t need breaking, they just need an occasional tweak of their DNA. Take the wheel, for instance. No one needs to reinvent it, but we’re all agreed that wet-weather tires were a welcome addition. Evolution, that’s the key. The same is true of the Hooklock. Since it first appeared on the market, the secondary mortise lock has become a firm favourite, giving thousands of tradesmen, locksmiths and fleet managers alike a crucial extra layer of security. So how do you set about making the best even better? Simple. You help it to evolve.

The Process

At TVL, we’re constantly looking for ways to improve and innovate. With a dedicated research and development team stress-testing products around the clock and seeking out weaknesses with unrivalled precision, nothing is left to chance. First, we put the existing HookLock under the microscope, identifying any potential weak points that could be exploited by vehicle thieves. Once we’d covered all angles, we moved onto the next stage – working out how best to counter those attacks on your van.

The Results

We’ve kept the core of what makes this lock the best in its class, but by changing its casing, reducing its footprint, and tweaking the design, we’ve made it better than ever. How? Well, since you asked…

We’ve made it smaller.

A 30% reduction in height comes with key benefits. Easier installation for one. Plus, a smaller hole in your van’s door means a stronger vehicle structure to start with. That’s a win on two fronts.

We’ve made it sleeker.

Our new casing doesn’t just look good, it gives you a completely concealed mechanism with no open points of attack for thieves to exploit.

We’ve made it stronger.

Despite the reduction in size, the Hooklock 2.0 punches well above its weight. We’ve increased its strength by more than 300%, leaving thieves with a headache and you with ultimate peace of mind.

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