New Product - the TVL Bonnet Shield

New Product - the TVL Bonnet Shield

13th March 2023
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The what, why and how of our latest product to protect you and yours

The problem
Since launching the Tell TVL online community, we’ve been inundated with responses from people all around the country. It’s been great to see and it’s been vital in helping us and our police partners put together a clear picture of current trends in vehicle crime.

Occasionally, that picture hasn’t always been what we expected. Spare wheels being targeted, catalytic converters cut away… these are things we were used to seeing, but body panels? That was a surprise. And not the welcome sort.

One particular concern was thieves targeting the bonnet. Once they’re under your hood, criminals have easy access to everything from headlights and indicators to your bumper and even the bonnet itself.

The reasons
• One reason is the massive, and largely unregulated second-hand market – which means easy cash for the criminals and a massive headache for you.
• Another is people buying cheap, damaged vehicles and repairing them with stolen parts, before selling them on. The current lack of second-hand vans means prices are at a premium in the second-hand market – which also means a tidy profit for the unscrupulous.
• The third factor at play is people giving low-spec basic models a fabricated facelift with LED indicators or xenon headlights, stolen from other vehicles.

The solution
Our answer to solve this latest spree and keep your parts in place? The TVL Bonnet Shield. We’ve created a powder-coated steel guard that protects your bonnet-locking mechanism without putting the brakes on your manufacturer’s release system, leaving thieves firmly out in the cold.

Tailor designed to your vehicle’s specific needs and easy-to-install (that means no drilling and no fuss), this is a vital addition to your defensive line-up, designed to give you an easy win and keep your hood a crime-free zone.

Shield Your Bonnet - Protect Much More

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