Ford Pro™ & TVL Enhanced Security - HookLock pack contents explained

HookLock Pack↗

The HookLock Security Pack has been specifically designed to delay entry. Pack includes a RepLock™, LoomGuards, LatchShields, DeadLocks and HookLocks. Scroll down the page to find out more.


Front Door↗

RepLock is a direct replacement of the standard Ford lock with a high-security anti-pick cylinder on the front driver’s door. This prevents anyone from picking the driver’s door open and gaining access to the cab area. RepLock does not change the existing vehicle security infrastructure, and is compatible with vehicle remote locking.


Front & Rear Doors↗

Vehicles can be damaged in attempts to short-circuit locking systems by cutting wires by the front door closures. This solution slots around the loom to reduce exposure of wires to sharp blades in such attacks.


Side & Rear Doors↗

Latch Shield is an anti-drill plate that prevents access to the loadspace through drilling the door mechanisms of the vehicle’s side-load doors or rear cargo doors.*


Front Doors↗

DeadLock is a robust and reliable secondary mortice lock that operates independently of the vehicle’s original locking system. Located on the front doors, it works by inserting a dead bolt into specially designed housing by the turn of a high-security key.


Side & Rear Doors↗

HookLock is a secondary mortice lock that operates in addition to the vehicle’s original locking system. Available for side-load doors, rear cargo doors and tailgate, this lock inserts a hook mechanism into a specially designed housing when engaged.

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