It’s what’s inside that counts: Introducing Protektaplate™
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It’s what’s inside that counts: Introducing Protektaplate™

27th September 2023
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It’s what’s inside that counts: Introducing Protektaplate™

When criminals attack your van, they’re most often after what’s inside. The tools of your trade are rich pickings for the opportunistic thief, and they’re becoming ever-more sophisticated in how they get to them.

While OEM (original manufacturer’s equipment) security has come along in leaps and bounds, the techniques used to get around these have adapted. In the past, the most you’d have had to worry about was a flat-blade screwdriver and a very determined crook with time on their hands. These days your van’s more likely to be at the business end of the latest power tools as thieves look to access and bypass locking mechanisms. 

And while that’s isn’t the best news for van owners everywhere, there is some better news on the horizon. For those of you who want to stay one step ahead of the criminal curve, we’ve stepped up to the plate.

The ProtektaPlate.

In order to provide you with the one thing we all want – peace of mind, we’ve gone all-out to give you the strength your van needs to withstand even the most dogged attack. Its strong and durable construction works on two fronts, the first of which is surprisingly simple…

First impressions count

ProtektaPlate gives you a powerful visual deterrent. You’re sending a message loud and clear – this van is under protection. And while there’s a chance a determined thief might still chance their arm, the impressive-looking finish is certainly enough to make any opportunists think twice about taking it on. Remember – if you can deter thieves before they’ve even tried, you’re not just reducing your risk of becoming a crime stat, you’re reducing the chances of damage to your vehicle as well. Chalk that up as a big win.

Inner strength

Ultimately though, Protektaplate's key strength lies in its… well, strength. We understand that real power comes from the core, which is why the ProtektaPlate anti-drill plate, crafted from the same materials used in safes, gives you an unbeatable layer of protection you won’t find anywhere else. And, by protecting your locking mechanism, you’re also safeguarding your livelihood.Made-to-measure

The third benefit of ProtektaPlate is all in the detail. We’ve seen enough incidents to know better than most that, when criminals attack your van, they don’t do it to a neat, one-size-fits-all pattern. And that’s exactly why we offer our bespoke plate design service – to make sure you’re covered whatever the damage. It couldn’t be simpler. You give us the measurements, we’ll give you an anti-drill plate guaranteed to fit your spec. No drama, no hassle, no problem.

You can find out more by clicking the product link below or, to talk more about specific needs, feel free to get in touch and we’ll do what we can to help.

Stay safe, stay secure, stay Protekt-ed.

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