Think all HookLock's look the same? Think again...


The HookLock from TVL: A different beast

We’re constantly researching and innovating, going above and beyond the competition to give you the defence you deserve.  And the TVL HookLock does exactly that. 

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Laminated bolt

Some other hooklocks use a one-piece hook. This actually helps criminals to focus all their force on the locking mechanism. Ours, on the other hand, has a laminated bolt that spreads outwards when attacked, leaving would-be attackers outsmarted, outmanoeuvred and outside your vehicle. It’s just one of the unique ways in which TVL’s HookLock goes above and beyond to give you the defence you deserve.

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Steel case enclosed

the locking mechanism in the TVL HookLock comes completely enclosed in a steel case that even the smallest of tools can’t get to. As soon as a cylinder’s inserted into the case, you’re good to go.

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Solid steel construction

Our HookLock has a 2mm, solid-steel construction bound together by rivets. Stacked up against our rivals, with thinner materials and plastic components, it’s really no competition.

See how how the TVL HookLock does under the stress test

HookLock Stress Test

Withstand force

When subjected to attack from below with a crowbar (the most common form of attack your vehicle lock is likely to face), the HookLock can withstand a force of 9.18kilonewtons. Or, to put it another way, the force of a small rhino.

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See how the TVL HookLock does under the stress test

HookLock Stress Test

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